In The Ordinary (Movie Thoughts: The Sense Of An Ending)

large_sense_of_an_endingI am such an Anglophile that a bunch of British people reciting the phone book to each other with their posh accents would be enough for me, and I would be entertained and delighted by it. So of course, I was equally delighted by ‘The Sense Of An Ending,’ which I think is a very British film – it’s very genteel, quite wholesome, and they all speak with impeccable British accents (well, it has a great British cast, so…)

Directed by Ritsh Batra from Julian Barnes’ Booker Prize winning novel, it is a drama with mystery aspects to it.  Jim Broadbent stars as Tony Webster, a divorced elderly man, who one day finds out that he has inherited a diary of one his childhood friends, and he is baffled. He gets drawn into the narrative of why – and in the course connects with a childhood love interest, Veronica (Charlotte Rampling)  There’s not much more to the story, to be honest, and even the ‘big reveal’ is just much ado about something light, but I was taken by the actors. These felt like normal, everyday people – British people – who I wanted to meet in my normal, everyday life. I fancied their story, even if perhaps they aren’t fantastic or bombastic. Normal people really lead simple, normal lives most of the times. I also like the film’s message, which is cherish the moment, for you may never get them again.

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