Intensely Yours (Perfume Thoughts: Oud Wood Intense, Tom Ford Private Collection)

375x500.46767Tom Ford, of course, is credit with starting the ‘oud’ craze when used that note for M7, his men’s fragrance when he was the Creative Director for YSL. So when he created his ouds for his Private Collection, they all become instant hits. ‘Oud Wood’ from his Private Collection is probably one of his brand’s most popular fragrance – I often hear people say it’s their favorite. Maybe that’s why I don’t own it? from his ouds, the one that appealed to me most was Fleur Oud, and that is the one I own. It has been a while since I sniffed Oud WOod, but I remember it being a solid oud fragrance.

So when I was at Luckyscent one time, I jokingly asked how was Oud Wood Intense. Everyone raved about it, saying that it is much better than the original. They gave me a sample without me asking for one, with them saying ‘You must try it.’

I am trying it now. And yes, it is good. On my skin, it is just plain leather – fleshy, rich, opulent leather. To be honest, I don’t even get the woods, nor the oud here, because what stands out most is this beautiful leather note. But for a Private Collection scent, I am somewhat asking, quoting Peggy Lee, “Is that all there is?”  I kind of think this would have fit better with his Signature Collection, although I do understand why he would want to make a flanker of one his  most popular titles.

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