Honor Duty (Movie Thoughts: Last Flag Flying)

;ffWhy, really, would I be attracted to seeing ‘Last Flag Flying,’ the kind of bruh movie that really does not appeal to any demographic I belong to? Well, because it is directed by Richard Linklater, one of my favorite directors.

In the film, Steve Carrell plays Doc Shepherd, whose son has been killed in Afghanistan. He has to go to bury his son in Arlington Virginia, and enlists his Vietnam War buddies (Bryan Cranston and Larence Fishburn) to help him with that. Of course, there’s clash’s in Cranston’s and Fishburn’s characters, and there are hiccups – they distrust the government so take matters in their own hands and take the body back to New Hampshire to bury the body there.

It’s all standard fare, for me, and the film wisely goes by the actors’ strength, which carry the film. They are all more than fine, in roles these actors can do in their sleep. I frankly got bored, and not because of anyone’s fault, but this kind of movie just did not interest me.

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