Jingle Jan (Music Thoughts: Home For Christmas, Jan Daley)

5115lMSEVOL._SS500I put Jan Daley’s new album ‘Home For Christmas’ on this year’s Christmas playlist and I was with a friend when it played and when he asked me who Jan Daley was, I joked that it was Tom Daley’s mother. Of course, she is not  – Daley is a California based singer, and upon further research, this album is not even from this year. It appears to be a reshuffled, rereleased version of her 2012 album ‘There’s Nothing Like Christmas.’ So clearly, there’s a lot going on here even before the music starts.

When it does, the music passes my test. Daley has an old-school kind of 70’s vibe in her singing, sort of like Maureen McGovern. It’s an old soul, but more baby boomer old than mid-century. And she has great taste in her holiday music, singing a lot of my modern favorites like ‘Grown Up Christmas List,’ and ‘A Christmas Love Song.’ And she even does ‘The Best Gift,’ which is of course Barbra’s ode to Jason.  The anal retentive in me is kind of pissed that I was ‘duped’ into thinking this was a new album, but I can get over this since this is a great listen.

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