O Mi Roma (Television Thoughts: Rome Unpacked, BBC)

51f1AnCwWmL._SY445_I have been to Rome a number of times and each time I am there I discover new things. But in a sense, I feel like I don’t know it at all. I tend to be there during the tourist season of summertime, so I don’t know if I am getting the ‘real’ Rome. Isn’t it true most of the Romans go on holiday during summer, so perhaps I really have not gotten to know the real Rome yet.

Fortunately, BBC has a new-ish show called ‘Rome Unpacked’ with Andrew Graham Dixon and Girogio Locatelli. Dixon is a famed art historian, and Locatelli a chef, so between the two of them, we get a fuller view of Rome’s artistry. On the first episode, for example, Locatelli cooks a fish soup that they got from the local market, and it looks wonderful. It’s simple – he gets skate fish, and does a broth filled with Italian broccolli florets and just your garden variety vegetables. But I bet all of them put together makes a wonderful savory bowl.


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