Poker Face (Film Thoughts: Molly’s Game)

large_mly_game‘Molly’s Game’ is Aaron Sorkin’s directorial debut and of course I was looking forward to seeing it because I have admired his work in the past, particularly ‘The Social Network,’ and his television show ‘Newsroom.’ (I never watched ‘The West Wing,’ can you imagine?)  And with Jessica Chastain in the title role, playing Molly Bloom, I knew at the very least that the film will be well-acted.

And for the most part, I liked the film. Chastian is perfect as Bloom, a woman who was thrust in the world of private poker games, first in Hollywood and then later on in New York City. For starters, even though I knew the basics in playing poker, the film filled in blanks on how to play better. And Sorkin’s rat-ta-tat dialogue is spot on perfect here – there’s a monologue by Idris Elba (playing Bloom’s lawyer) that’s a show piece, though it kind of felt a little too put-on for me. (A later monologue by Kevin Costner playing Bloom’s father is the flat-out false feeling one) Chastian at times feels reaching, but perhaps that’s part of how she wove the character. The film felt just a smidgen too long with the pretty thin-ish plot. But, seeing Chastain and Elba spar is probably worth the price of admission enough,

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