That Soft Cashmere Feeling (Perfume Thoughts: Dryad, Papillon Artisan Perfumes)

papMy favorite perfume release from 2016 was Salome, so of course for 2017 I am already putting Papillon Perfumes’ new release, Dryad, as a finalist even if just in theory.  And it looks like I am right – I have just sampled this (I know I am late) and think it’s already *my* best of the year, although admittedly I have not been as active a sampler this year.

Dryad opens with galbanum – but there’s a moss, and leathery mix into it that is very appealing. But even though those notes sound very heavy, Dryad projects light – it is not intrusive and acts more in the background than anything else. It also has that ‘glow’ feel – kind of like a musk scent that you are always aware – this perfume makes its presence felt all the time. There’s an elegance roughness in it – I smell something resinous and slightly vegetal there, all in the best possible sense. I was wearing this and a friend leaned in to say something and said “You smell very nice, and it’s very you,’ and I do wonder what kind of ‘me’ he smelled. I think it’s because I wear all these orientals and a lot of friends associated ‘old world perfume’ with me. I take that as a compliment and my friend’s remark as one as well. I think a full bottle of Dryad is almost a given – and I can imagine cold winter days and night wearing this, as it has that soft cashmere feeling.

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