Madrid Man (Movie Thoughts: Marica Tu)

41EO0KR2mPL._BO1,204,203,200_‘Marica Tu’  is a movie by Spanish filmmaker Ismael Nunez which is based on a comic book by Julian Almazan. Set in Madrid, it is the story of a gay man Julian who arrives to the city and meets Carlos his first night, and embarks on a relationship with him for two years, only for them to break up because Carlos gets a job in Seville. Julian then embarks on a couple of casual affairs, refusing to commit to anyone.

That description seems slight, and the film is – clocking in at a scant 53 mins. We barely have time to know any of these characters, and we really have no understanding about Julian’s relationship with Carlos, so when he frets over their break up, we don’t care. But all is not lost here – I enjoyed the atmosphere of what Gay Madrid seems to be, although, really, that us probably my only take away from the film.

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