Material World (Film Thoughts: All The Money In The World)

atm_online_instgrm_1080x1350_fnl_ear_01The big story for ‘All The Money In The World,’ of course is Kevin Spacey being replaced by Christopher Plummer after the former was accused of sexual harassment, and after seeing the movie, Plummer does such a great job playing John Paul Getty that I cannot imagine anyone else playing the part (I hope the home video release includes the Spacey scenes because it would be interesting to view those)  He is fantastic here – evil and venomous, so consumed by his money that he scarcely cares if his grandson gets killed, all in the preservation of the wealth he has accumulated, never mind that the initial monetary demand – 17 Million Dollars – is probably a small drop in the bucket of his whole fortune. You kind of think of how money relates to our lives. Maybe it’s just me, but a whole lot of wealth doesn’t impress me as much as it used to. But apparently, for Getty, it was the one thing that drove him.

The film is a good thriller, although it lagged at times. But when it was on fire, I was riveted. I confess to be really unaware about the details of the story, so it felt fresh to me, and I fully trusted the storytelling. And Michelle Williams playing Abigail Getty, the kidnapped Getty’s mother, provides just the softness here, although at times her performance seemed just a little mannered. Mark Wahlberg seems out of place, his frat boy persona a little out of context with the rest of the characters.

Do I recommend the film? I do, and deserves some love in the crowded Oscar bait selections right now. I certainly found it more entertaining than ‘Three Billboards,’ for example. I think it will have good word of mouth, and I suspect will do well come nominations time.

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