Hark The Herald Piano Plays (Music Thoughts: Christmas Together, The Piano Guys)

christmas-togetherRecently, a friend of mine sent a YouTube video of a song called ‘The Sweetest Gift.’  It’s a song about spending Christmas after you have lost your father. My friend lost his this year, and since he knew I lost mine three years ago, he thought I would appreciate the song. I did, and I was touched by it, for sure. And who wouldn’t be? The song played on all emotions, and pokes on everyone’s vulnerability. Should we fault it for doing that? Or should we celebrate its ability to let us wallow in all our feelings?  Truth be told, I vacillate between the two point of view, but I have to admit listening and feeling the song in a way feels like a tribute, so, really, it’s not a bad thing all around.

The Piano Guys is really a pianist (Jon Schmidt) and a cellist (Steven Sharp) so you kind of think that their title is a bit deceiving.  Honestly, the music is kind of schlock – a variation of Kenny G and something vaguely classical – I mean, they are able to have Placido Domingo sings on a track. Also, the music  borders on religious, and I kind of resent it when I am bitter. But it’s Christmas, and it is definitely something one can listen to with ease, so let the spirit of the season guide you to enjoying it.

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