Hard Pitch (Movie Thoughts: Pitch Perfect 3)

nZgq5ioz7mC39IALmsua6nrPNekI wanted to see a movie that will take my mind off things, so I chose ‘Pitch perfect 3.’ I wanted something light, one that could probably make me laugh, and I know at the very least this film will have competent music. I have to confess I barely tolerated Part 2 of this, so you really have to think does Part 3 have any reason for existing.

As it turns out, ‘Pitch Perfect 3; is what it is – a last ditch chance on monetizing on something that has been already stretched to death. The hows and whys of this film surely does not even matter – it’s the whos that are most in lay here – most people who will see this already know The Bellas – and they nary care about plots or anything resembling a story at this point. I even think the song selections are so tires at this point, and is it just me or are there not as much in this installation. But whatever, I am not going to complain. I am just glad everyone will get their paychecks, and even though Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson seem half-asleep half the time, half of them still works.

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