Maid In Paris (Movie Thoughts: Madame)

madame-a4poster‘Madame’ is some sort of Cinderella story, but most things about it don’t really connect. In Amanda Sther’s first feature, a dinner party is almost disrupted when Anne realizes she has thirteen guests. Seeing that as some sort of bad luck, she makes her maid Maria (Rossy de Palma) join the table. Maria is instructed to be quiet and unobstructive,  but she catches the eye of David (Michael Smiley) a rich art consultant. Some kind of romance follows, but Anne feels threatened and tries to thwart it.

The film and story is a good idea, but this film is marred by a couple of things. First of all, Colette’s Anne is such an unformed character that we do not understand why she does what she does. De Palma is great here, though, and gives Maria enough pathos and joy that you do feel for her, but everything around here seems wooden. The film is pretty to look at, and I appreciated the shots of modern day Paris and its suburbs. But to be honest, I got bored most of the time.

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