Forty Minutes (Television Thoughts: LA To Vegas, Fox)

e9518fde6f76e8581c96650f25a9a1e4Here it is, the first I am writing about for 2018, and it is a sitcom whose premise I am a little familiar with. ‘LA To Vegas’ is about people who fly every weekend from Los Angeles to Vegas, and even though I am not one of those people, I have taken this forty minute flight a lot of times, so many times that I could close my eyes right now and can experience it in my mind.

Really, though, this is a workplace sitcom about the weekly Jackpot Airlines flight (think Spirit or Frontier) starring Dylan McDermott as Captain Dave, the kind of irreverent pilot who mans the flight.  (He drinks, he shakes) There’s flight attendant Ronnie (Kim Matula) who dreams of working a more exotic flight but is stuck in this route. And of course there is a gay flight attendant Bernard (Nathan Lee Morris) and a host of different supporting characters, mostly regulars who take the same flight each week.

I was attracted to this initially because of producer Steve Levithan, from  ‘Modern Family.’  At two episodes in, this isn’t as laugh out loud as that show is for me, but I want to give this time. None of the characters has irritated me yet, and the familiar circumstances give it more appeal for me,

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