Unfriend This Film (Movie Thoughts: Almost Friends)

almSince I never saw ‘Bates Motel,’ I only know of Freddie Highmore from his role as the autistic savant title role in ‘The Good Doctor.’  For some reason, I cannot get that out of my head, and I know it is totally unfair but I cannot separate that from his character Charlie, here in ‘Almost Perfect.’ I’m sorry to say I thought Charlie was ‘special.’

Of course, he is not. This is supposed to be a young man kind of coming-of-age story (but not really) and Charlie is supposed to be in love with Amber (Odeya Rush)  But who would want to fall in love with Charlie, all jitter and nerves. Highmore is cute, but too bland, and honestly too bland to be anything, so you don’t fall in love with his character. You won’t even like it.

And the screenplay doesn’t help. It’s generic and feels like ten thousand other similar movies, most done better.

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