Eternal Fling (Perfume Thoughts: Une Amourette, Etat Libre d’Orange x Roland Mouret)

375x500.46517I’ve been waiting to sniff ‘Une Amourette’ for the longest time since I read about it last year. It’s a collaboration between fashion designer Roland Mouret and Eta Libre d’Orange. I love the exclusivities of collaborations, and I know that if there’s one house where you can be creative and out-there, it would be Eld’O.

It’s my new favorite perfume of the new year, and I know January has barely started but this one would be pretty hard to beat. Apparently Mouret has described this scent as ‘the smell of skin after sex,’ and really, if this was the case, I would have more sex because the perfume just smells so divine.

It starts with a big patchouli note, but it’s a gauzy patchouli. That is not a surprise, since the perfume is signed by Daniela Anders, who does all the gauzy Prada perfume. there’s the freshness of neroli in the opening, and it is not your usual juicy kind – this one is tempered and transparent. There’s something spicy there (black pepper, amber) but again the effect is kind of a silhouette – it’s delicate but not too flighty. If this scent was a color, I would describe it as gold – not the flashy kind but a nice understated one. Mouret has also said that there is an animalistic quality to the perfume, and I don’t quite get it, and that’s fine, because on my skin, the richness and opulence takes center stage. On his Spring 2018 show, he sprayed these in between the thighs of his models, because he wants this to be worn that way.  No complaints here.

My perfumes are in storage right now because of my big move (I am living off my samples, believe it or not) but if I had the luxury of space, i would get a bottle right now. At some point, I know I have to have this, it’s going to be just a matter of when \.

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