In Search Of The Man (Television Thoughts: Manhunt, American Crime Story, The Assassination of Gianni Versace Episode 2)


I don’t really know if I will be writing about every episode of American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace but here I am, compelled to write about episode 2. A friend of mine who I discuss the show with has said that he finds the show a little slow. I don’t know if I agree with that, but I do think that the jump in timelines make watching the show a little difficult to watch at times. But I have to say, though, I am now on the Darren Criss side – he is easing into the character more, and he is doing a great job. There is one scene where Andrew gets caught by a little girl at a parking lot changing his car plates and when he catches her looking at him, he gives her a big smile and seconds later throws the license plate at his truck. It showed the charming psychopath that Cunanan was.

The series also shows that at the time, Versace had already been diagnosed with HIV, which was the rumour going around at that time, and allegedly the family had been trying to conceal it. Penelope Cruz as Donatella is great, although her Catalan accent is kind of bothersome. But still, her presence gives Donatella the proper justice. Ricky Martin continues to surprise me, showing Antonio with a lot of depth. And Max Greenfeld as Ronnie was fantastic, playing a junkie that Cunanan met at the rundown hotel he was staying at.

The show still fascinates me, and I am still baffled by how incompetent the FBI was in handling the case. Cunanan, at that time, had already murdered four people, and was already in America’s Most Wanted list (he was even recognized by a sandwich shop employee) yet was free to roam all over Miami. If only they were able to distribute the flyers all over the gay clubs, one wonders if the crime could have been averted.

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