I Am Woman You Are Man (Film Thoughts: A Fantastic Woman/Un Mujer Fantastica)

p14534644_p_v7_aaI am so glad I live now in an area where there is more diversity, and things are not as homogenized. I think it is just fitting that the first film I saw after moving was ‘A Fantastic Woman’/’Un Mujer Fantastica.’  This Chilean movie, directed by Sebastian Lello, is about a woman, Marina, played by Daniela Vega, who mourns the sudden death of her lover, Orlando.

But things aren’t as simple. Marina is a trans woman and she lives in a society where she still encounters prejudice in every turn. Marina can be herself most times, but society still tries to control 10883what she can achieve, and in this case, it even tries to control how she grieved, how she feels. 10883

Vega is an instant star here, exuding charisma and essaying a fully-formed character. I did not have a horse in the Best Actress race this year (Frances McDormand? Ew. ) But now I do. I think Vega gave the best performance last year. It is nuanced but at times very showy, exuding both strength and vulnerability. I read that she will be presenting at the Academy Awards ceremonies and that’s, well, fantastic as it will give her  well-deserved maximum exposure.

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