The Right Direction (Music Thoughts: Harry Styles, Harry Styles)

hsalbWho would have thought I would be writing about the Harry Styles solo album that came out last year? I mean, who would even think I would listen to it. Well, people who know me would know I would listen to anything at least once. But really, I swear, I did not really know much about One Direction and it’s oeuvre, so I am surprised as much as anyone else that I love Harry Styles, self-titled album.

It started with YouTube. The video for his song ‘Sign Of The Times’ was ‘suggested‘ to me. Why, I don’t know. Maybe there’s a certain algorithm there that connects it to Broadway videos and late night talk show interviews. But nevertheless, I watched it and was instantly hooked. And yes, in that video (and all the other live video versions of the same song) I was enthralled by this young man. More than realizing how easy on the eyes he is, I was mesmerized by his music. He does not seem to be as cookie-cutter as the rest, and for someone getting off a boy band, he doesn’t seem to be as overly eager to please like everyone else.

So I listened to the album, which had been languishing in my iPod anyway, and realied it is such a moody rock and roll album, with shades of Bowie, Oasis, Van Morrison. and Coldplay in it, among other things. It is slick, and original, and very personal. No wonder young men and women have been falling in love with him – he gives a certain vibe that is erotic and personal, like he is just singing and making music just for you. I love how unique he is – his lyrics sound like it’s coming from a three-dimensional person. I have read that the whole album was supposed to be an arc, and when listening with that in mind, you do realize that there is a sense and purpose for every song in there.

I am hooked, and now a fan of him.

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