Matt’s Anatomy (Television Thoughts: The Resident)

p14154590_b_v8_aaWhen ‘The Good Wife’ ended its run, one of the things I was sad about was that I was going to miss seeing Matt Czuchry. I think he is a great charismatic actor (and very cute) So it was nice to see him land ‘The Resident,’ as I had a hunch he would land somewhere nice. He stars her as Dr Conrad Hawkins, an irreverent doctor who knows ‘the system’ quite too well, and puts his patients first in the ‘real’ sense. This is a little dark side to these medical procedural shows, and I like it because I know this system just a little too well too, having worked in the medical field for seven years.  In here, he has a corrupt Department Head (Bruce Greenwood) and is training a new resident (Manish Dayal) who still has an idealistic view of medicine.

The situations may sound familiar, and of course, this has some elements a la Grey’s Anatomy (Conrad works with his ex, played by Emily van Camp, just for sexual tension purposes only) but I do like it. It has a little something to say that is very important, and Czuzhry is great here (and is still cute) The familiarity has a homey appeal to me, and I am in.

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