Stashing Dash (Perfume Thoughts: Stash, SJP)

375x500.40750I remember when SJP Stash first came out – it was during my birthday in 2016. I was in Miami and passed by an Ulta, and I had read previously that this was their exclusive, so I went in and tried to sniff. From stuff I read about it, I recalled that Sarah Jessica Parker was saying that it smelled dirty, with ‘hints of body odor, ‘ I think she said in one of her interviews. Promising, I thought. I remember smelling it and liking it, but I thought it pricey. For a celebuscent, I rarely pay much. I filed it under ‘when I see it cheap, I will get it.’

But years have passed and I never did get it – until I went to Marshall’s After-Christmas sale and saw one of those sets, with a full bottle and body lotion, for $20.00. That’s more I like it, I thought, and grabbed. I am just wearing it now, after a time, and I really do like it.

I think this scent is closer to what she envisioned her first scent to be, which is similar to her concoction of Avignon + musk from the street + Bonnie Bell Musk. It is definitely musk-y but in an effervescent shiny happy way. It’s grapefruit zest note is pretty heady in the beginning, and it gives it a bright zing. There are floral notes that come in, but they are gauzy, and then we get a ton of woods. ‘You smell like soap,’ a friend of mine said when I got in his car.

I like it, but I like that I only paid $20.00 for it. I honestly don’t know if I would have liked it as much had I paid more for it. It stays close to the skin, but I think it projects a lot farther than I think it does.  I think there’s a flanker of it now – some pink thing or other, and I will try that, too.

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