Night and Deyo (Music Thoughts: [When You] Live Alone, Debbie Deyo)

500x500I have to admit, when I first listened to Debbie Deyo’s album ‘When You Live Alone,’ I was underwhelmed. But it had more to do that I listened to it on my early morning walk. It’s just not the right mood for her music. It wasn’t until I listened to it again on my way home that same day that I truly appreciated it. Deyo is a singer/pianist, or perhaps more pianist/singer, as I read that she is a trained classical pianist. She sings in a very soulful plain manner, and I love that style, and she even reminds me of my dear old beloved Patti Wicks. She feels these songs more, and her interpretation is very subtle, and if you don’t listen closely to it, you will miss her nuances.

My favorite track in the album, the one that literally stopped me dead in my tracks, was her version of ‘Looking Through The Eyes Of Love.’ That song is usually sung with a lot of syrup, but her plaintive reading of the song goes right to its heart. And as I listen to it again after reading the fact that she is blind makes its meaning more poignant. That track alone is everything.

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