Broken Seal (Music Thoughts, Standards, Seal)

SDC_2351278_2017-01-11--00-16-17I think Seal is tremendous – he is one of my favourite male soul singers, and I have seen him live, and can say he has that kind of star presence. So when I saw that he released an album of standards, I welcomed it more than I would have any other pop singer singing these songs I love with all my heart.

And his male soulful croon is perfect for these chestnuts, too – think of a modern day Sinatra (well, maybe Sammy Davis Jr) and he sings these songs so nice and clean that I would say he can even cover some of the territory that Michael Buble owns. He has chosen a nice set of sings: Smile, They Can’t Take That Away From Me, and the arrangements are nice and solid pop arrangements: not rocking the boat too much, but it works, you know. I was going to give the album an unmitigated rave.

But then he committed the biggest sin. While singing ‘My Funny Valentine,’ he sings ‘don’t change your hair..’ instead of ‘don’t change a hair.’ I know it’s just a word, and, really, the sentiment still works, but for my money it’s the most careless thing, and shows extreme laziness. You don’t mess around with Larry Hart’s words. ANd now I hate the album with the rays of a thousand suns.

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