When It’s Just A Rose (Perfume Thoughts: In Full Bloom, Kate Spade)

image_5a86b25452c13I was at Ulta and saw the new release by Kate Spade, called In Full Bloom. I was interested because I had read that this perfume mirrors a “rose in full bloom.” And you know me, rose whore, always looking for the next hit. I saw on the press release that this has also notes of lemon and green tea, and I thought, it could be ‘refreshing.’

Spirtzed. No lemon, no tea. Just rose, maybe peony. This is a straight up floral, and in the first burst the effect was a lot more synthetic than I wanted it to be. And then it really does not develop much more, drying down to a nice, though tepid, rose. It’s nice, but that’s it. I can’t see myself buying this, but I don’t think I would be opposed to wearing it on an ‘easy breezy’ day.

One thing, though. I was wearing a white top and I accidentally spritzed this on my sleeve and the juice had a reddish pinkish tint that went on my shirt. I hope it gets out after laundry or I will be very very mad.

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