Heaven Is A Scent On Earth (Perfume Thoughts: Straight To Heaven, By Kilian)

375x500.4323I have always been ‘meh’ about By Kilian scents. I always say that for what they are, they are overpriced. Over the years, I have sampled a lot of them, and while I like them, I have not had the urge to run and buy one right away.

I think I have tried ‘Straight To Heaven’ before but I wore it today and got that ‘need to have’ heartbeat. ‘Straight to Heaven’ opens with a great mix of rum and dried fruit. It was not the coldest day today but somehow this worked. My first thought was that it smelled just like a Serge Lutens perfume, but this one is more refined, and certainly more accessible, but definitely prettier and more upscale smelling. I mean, there are a lot of great aspects about Lutens perfumes that make you smell like a souk, but what I get here is refinement and elegance. The patchouli here is pretty, the vanilla is nto cloying, the amber not overwhelming.  And all those three put together is the heart of the perfume – it never overstays its welcome, and it doesn’t project like a prostitute on you. ‘Straight to Heaven’ is something you wear to a nice black tie event. It’s like a little black dress – subtle but people will notice. I want it.

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