Boy Meet Bwoy (Movie Thoughts: Bwoy)

dimsAbout ten minutes into ‘Bwoy,’ I wanted to tell the character of Brad, played by Broadway veteran Anthony Rapp, ‘Gyrl, you in danger.’  Brad is a closeted married man who starts to have an ‘online relationship’ (an oxymoron if there ever was one) with a Jamaican mine via a dating website. Brad is a tortured soul: his son died in an accident, and he is a doctor who feels he could have done something. But everything is in shambles – he works now for a collection agency, and of course, is extremely vulnerable. And you can kind of sense where this story is going. Even so, though, you get entranced because of great performances by Rapp, and especially Jimmy Brooks, who plays ‘Yenny,’ the Jamaican Bwoy. You even understand how Brad falls under his charms. There’s nothing groundbreaking about this film, but tells a compelling familiar story that will keep yu interested, even invested in the outcome.


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