Teacher Thespian (Movie Thoughts: Miss Stevens)

msstevNow that I have become a fan of Timothee Chalamet, thanks to ‘Call me By Your Name,’ I am eagerly seeking his back catalog, and from what I read, he also gives a great performance in ‘Miss Stevens,’ a movie from 2016 that he did prior to filming CMBYN. I don’t know how I missed this film, as it sounds like something I definitely would have been interested in seeing.

Had I seen this movie, I would have had an idea about Mr. Chalamet’s cause he is sensational here. This film itself is a small piece, but the acting here is top notch. Lily Rabe, playing the title role is sensational as well. This film is a tribute to teachers, and how they define the line by being adults and at the same time friends to her students. Chalamet plays a troubled young man who is infatuated with her, his teacher. But like a lot of troubled souls, there’s brilliance amidst the turmoil – Chalamet does a monologue here of a scene from ‘Death of A Salesman’ that show his brilliance as an actor.  This film may be small, but the performances linger.

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