Bewitched and Bothering (Perfume Thoughts: Bewitching Yasmine, Penhaligon’s)

o.49881Above all else, I love the Penhaligon’s  Portrait Collection – for the bottles, or more specifically, their bottle caps. Each of them are topped by some kind of animal, and ‘Bewitching Yasmine’ has a cat top. I am usually more a dog person, but the sales associate at the Penhaligon’s store near me (in itself a dangerous thing) recommended this highly and gave me a generous sample. ‘It has oud,’ she said, and those three words always slay me, so…

Bewitching Yasmine, curiously, did nto have a lot of jasmine to my nose. What it did have was a massive amount of coffee, and it’s very strong – this is not a wallflower of a perfume. It projects very well at first spritz, but quickly quiets down. But it is very inky – I get a very dark cardamom, and some vanilla, heavy caramel, some very sweet amber – it is definitely heavy and syrupy. It was a little warm today when I wore this, and I can definitely say that this is probably a more cold-weather kind of scent. It got a little heady because of that, though it is not screechy. It reminded me of Montale’s Cafe Intense, but for sure, Montale’s screech factor is definitely more pronounced. And then the very appealing oud drydown – still heavy, still lingering.

I like it, and an older version of me would probably be more in love with it. But, at its hefty price tag ($250) I realize that what I am probably paying for is the bottle cap. I already own Cafe Intense, and realize I don’t wear that often even. So really, this is a pass for me.

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