Of Things That Matter (Film Thoughts: Nostalgia)

nosI recently moved and had to deal with realizing that I could not bring a lot of material things with me. I mentioned this to the manager of my new building and she said, “you will realize you will not miss them.” I had to stop for a second and realized she is right. From the moment I left them I had let go of them and life is about the journey moving forward. What you leave behind is at times not as important.

But is it? ‘Nostalgia’ laments on remembrance, on what we leave behind, and how important those things are in our lives. It presents interlocking stories threaded upon an insurance agent (John Ortiz) who assess things.  It used to be that physical mementos are what we use to remember people. But nowadays with social media abound, that may no longer be true. These stories are touching and affecting. Ellen Burstyn plays a woman whose house has burned down and has to deal with what of her things are left behind. She is fantastic here – subtle but showing deep emotion. She manages to save a beloved baseball and flies to Las Vegas to have it appraised (by Jon Hamm) and he picks up the story as he goes home and deals with parents who have left a house full of memories behind as they retire in Florida.

npstThis is a very internal film – much of what happens is not said, but felt. I thought the whole film very touching, and as I took a long walk after, made me think about a lot of things, of what things ultimately matter in my life.

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