Mama Mia (Movie Thoughts: Dating My Mother)

dimsIn the late 8os up to the 90s, I used to watch every ‘gay movie’ that came out, and truthfully, a lot of them were not good at all.  But I was craving any kind of gay representation on screen that I took it. I only mention this because I just saw ‘Dating My Mother’ reminded me of those movies I used to watch. Well, the idea of the movie anyway. I have to be honest and say that this movie is better than most of that old crap.  Written and directed by Mike Roma, this is a low budget film about the bond between a mother and her gay son – a situation ripe for all kind of stories: drama, comedy, horror. This film even has Kathy Najimy in a small role, as the friend of Joan, the mother, played by Kathryn Erbe. Her son,  Danny is played by Patrick Reilly, and this film explores their close relationship and what happens when the mother decides to start dating again. Well, that’s a real simplistic way of describing the plot. Danny is also an aspiring screenwriter, and also falls for a (straight) friend. There’s a lot going on here, and for my taste, jokes fall more than they land. But this film is not completely dumb and is in fact cognizant of its shallowness. I didn’t hate it, and Reilly could be charming, because I totally did not hate Danny even though I despised some of the character’s traits. I am sure you could do much better than this film, but it is also easy to get much worse.

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