By The Holy Book (Television Thoughts: Living Biblically, CBS)

livbibI was bored and checked out ‘Living Biblically,’ the new CBS sitcom. I wanted to watch something easy, and I thought watching something funny would ease a long work day. Well, this show just put me in a worse mood. I should have known, by the title that it would not be something for me. Jay R Ferguson is Chip,a guy who is in some kind of mid-age crisis. His friend died, and his wife is pregnant. So naturally what does he do? He decides to live his life by the book, and this means the bible. How does he do this, I wonder? I guess that is the point of the series. I think it’s kind of lame, and it took me all the strength to just finish the pilot episode. Like the bible, it is just not the kind of entertainment for me.

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