Charlie’s Choice (Movie Thoughts: Just Charlie)

3ca4ba6a83f052cb8f7b80047c094a70Trans rights is the burning LGBT issue nowadays, and the more stories we hear about these people, the better that we can understand their plight. That’s why I am very glad that Rebekah Fortune’s ‘Just Charlie’ exists. It tells the story of Charlie, who has realized he is no longer comfortable with his assigned gender and wants to transition. And just to fuck up with people’s ideas of stereotypes, we even see Charlie as a great football player. We see how his decision affects everyone’s lives, including his father (a macho footballer himself ) his mother, sister, and best friend.

Charlie is played by Harry Gilby and is great int he role. Gilby essays that feeling of confusion and turmoil associated with this and Fortune never makes the issue heavy handed as we cringe into how the people around Charlie are reacting to her transition. I think this is a great powerful film and wish a lot of people access to it.

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