Opening Up Love (Movie Thoughts: Permission)

permiMaybe because Valentine’s Day is coming up that I have been watching relationship-centric films.  I guess ‘Permission’ falls under that category, although I think it’s anti-romantic. This film, directed by Brian Crano is about two people in a relationship, Anna (Rebecca Hall) and Glen (Dan Stevens) and they decide to ‘open’ this relationship because they sort of feel that they have missed out on dating other people – or so they thought as well. It’s kind of a terrible set up, and you just know things will just end in tears. But before we get anywhere, we get to see both of them date other people.

I thought the premise was kind of uninteresting, to be honest, and I wasn’t too interested, and as a matter of fact, had to start and stop watching the film a couple of times. But I got into the groove fairly shortly, mostly thanks to the great acting of both Hall and Stevens here. They both add layers to things that are unspoken here, whether those are intentional or not, and they make the characters more dimensional. They share equal time with a gay couple who are also evaluating their relationship when one of them hints at wanting to have children. There are a couple of surprises here that I mostly did not expect, but I do kind of wonder if I should really watch a kind-of cynical film before Hearts Day. Perhaps I needed it.

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