Taking Care of Ann (Music Thoughts: Finding Beauty, Josephine Sanges)

268x0wAs everyone who knows me knows, Ann Hampton Callaway is one of my favorite musical artists, and person, ever. And I just discovered that singer Josephine Sanges has recorded a tribute album for her, titled ‘Finding Beauty.’  I don’t know anything about Ms. Sanges, and the bio on her website isn’t much help, but one thing I am certain – she has good taste. In this album, she covers Ann-dards (songs written by Ms. Callaway) as well as some standards that Callaway has recorded.

And they mostly work. Her voice has a different timbre than Callaway, so these sounds sound different. And she chose some of my favorite songs – like ‘I Gaze In Your Eyes,’ and ‘Perfect,’ and ‘Bring Back Romance’ To my ears, the vocal arrangements still sound a little too Ann, and I wish I saw more of Sanges’ personality in those songs, but I won’t complain as much. She certainly knows and understands these songs, and I feel the love. When she does other standards, I kind of get Sanges more – she has imaginative arrangements in songs like ‘Out Of This World,’ and ‘Ding Dong The Witch is Dead,’ and on ‘How High The Moon,’ she scats a la Callaway that is as much a tribute as an original rendition. With that said, after listening to the whole album (multiple times, don’t mind me) I still don’t have a full understand of who Sanges is, but I am looking forward to knowing. With Valentine’s Day coming up, this is the perfect romantic soundtrack to bring back romance in all our lives.

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