Just A Foolish Game (Movie Thoughts: Game Night)

large_game_night_ver3‘Game Night’ is one of those movies I should like.  It’s quite witty, have great performances, and people whose taste I trust have had mostly favorable remarks about it. And I enjoyed it, but only mildly. I never believed any of it, though. And I ask myself – does it matter? Should I really dig deep into a movie like this, which is really meant to be mindless entertainment. I found myself wanting to check my texts while it was going on, although I wouldn’t really say I was ‘bored’ by it.

I did like Rachel McAdams’ performance, and Billy Magnussen was really pretty to look at, and his chemistry with Sarah Horgan was great. I wish I loved this movie, but I just didn’t and that’s all there is to say about that.

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