Day In Day Out (Movie Thoughts: Every Day)

DTNi_V2VwAA2Ez_I dragged a friend to see ‘Every Day,’ and after seeing the movie, he tells me ‘you owe me one.’  Yikes, this means our next movie will be his choice, and I am dreading it already, because I know it will be some horror or sci-fi movie, or even worse, a superhero one. Was ‘Every Day’ that bad?

It is. And the movie held such promise because it is based on the book by David Levithan, which I enjoyed immensely, and has a premise which I thought was very interesting – a teenager falls in love with someone who takes over a different body everyday. I remember the book was quite engaging, but the film translation, unfortunately, just did not work.

And it’s not from lack of trying. Angouri Rice as Rhiannon is an appealing young actress, and tries hard to give the character some heart and soul, but as written, it’s dead on arrival. And visualized on-screen, the whole premise just seems creepy. But the worst part is that the film dis not seem to have the breadth and depth of the novel – things almost seem flippant here. As my friend said afterwards, “you made me watch a Lifetime movie.”

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