In Wine We Trust (Film Thoughts: Ce Oui Nous Lie/Back to Burgundy)

newI loved ‘Back To Burgundy,’ maybe because I love wine (it’s my poison of choice) Cedric Klapische’s movie was interesting to me, first and foremost because it was beautifully shot on location in French Wine Country, and it’s a region I have been wanting to visit. It was fascinating to me how wine is produced, and from what I can gather, this film expertly shows that. The film tells of a story of three siblings who have o deal with divvying up what their father left them – and how to reconcile preserving what they grew up with, and moving on with their lives. There are great performances here, especially the three main actors: Pio Marmai, Ana Girardot, and Francois Civil. At times the plot goes the way of soap opera territory, and the scope of it may not be big enough for feature film nowadays, but I followed the plot closely, and was deeply affected by it.

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