Maybe The Moon (Music Thoughts: How High The Moon, Matt Alber)

51qzlZTmxBL._SS500Something always crazy happens during a full moon, they say.  Matt Alber’s ‘How High the Moon’ is a very straightforward album, though. And (joke coming) perhaps that’s odd because Alber is openly gay. The great thing about this album is how at once you realize that Alber is not your run-of-the-mill wannabe crooner. His styling and phrasing isn’t reminiscent of a Sinatra or a Bennett, like most male crooner are. He definitely does not sound like he is imitating someone, even while his arrangements are steeped in these singers’ influence.

I wish it stood out more for me. I have listened to the album a couple of times and it has yet to make an imprint besides that first impression. Perhaps it is very nuanced that I need to listen more to it, but I ask myself, do I have the time? The ‘moon theme’ is cute, but have been done before, and he actually did a great job of compiling a good collection of lunar tunes. I like his longing ‘Blue Moon’ that has a lot more angst than I am normally used to when I hear that song. But other that that, all’s a blur – like a liar’s moon.

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