Beachwear (Perfume Thoughts: Irene Neuwirth for Barney’s New York)

s-l225If there’s a subgenre of perfumes I really dig, it’s the ‘beachy’ scents.  Have something packaged like that, and have it smell like Coppertone, and I am in it. I have been going through all my samples lately (my perfumes are still in storage, with no ETA of when I can get them) and chanced upon Irene Neuwirth for Barneys, from a couple of years back. Neuwirth is a jewelry designer from Los Angeles (so appropo) and her collection, I read, veer to more ocean and beach influence.

Makes sense. The perfume is a straight up beachy floral scent, and I of course love it. Ralf Schwieger is the nose, and the top notes are neroli, ‘water notes,’ and ‘sand.’ I kind of laugh at that, because the base is pure Coppertone, and they are trying to make it sound much snazzier. The floral notes that follow include orange blossom, jasmine, and rose, and they are my three favorite floral notes. So of course these intermingling just makes me so happy. But you know what makes me sad? I am too late to this perfume party that the fragrance has been discontinued. It’s not impossible to get it, but this fact surely makes the perfume infinitely more attractive to me (‘You always want the ones you can’t have’) The hunting starts.

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