For The Boys (Music Thoughts: The Fellas, Melissa Manchester)

81GtHfqQKyL._SY355_I love Melissa Manchester and her pop hits, but in the 80s she did an album called ‘Tribute,’ where she pays tribute to female singers, and that has become one of my favorite album of hers. And here we are in 2018 and she does another tribute album, now to the male singers she admires. So of course I am listening to it with enthusiatic anticipation.

I wish I loved it. There are parts o fit I really like. For example, her ‘They Say That Falling In Love Is Wonderful’ is tender-filled, and is perfect interpretation of Irving Berlin’s romanticism, and her ‘How Do You Keep The Music Playing’ is just right in its questioning. But I seriously hated the bossa beat of Johnny Mathis’ ‘Chances Are,’ as it didn’t serve the message of the song well. Plus, the band stand arrangements, like in ‘Aint That A Kick In the Head,’ felt too busy and noisy. It’s sad that Manchester isn’t with any label, and she had to go to Indigogo to have this record funded, but the result, for me anyway, is a mixed bag. She could do better.

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