Wondering Wandering (Perfume Thoughts: Nomade, Chloe)

375x500.48434Well, the good news about Chloe’s new perfume Nomade is that it is not your usual fruity floral. I read that Nomade is supposed to be a dirtier version of the Chloe signature scent, which by the way, I discovered that is a favorite of a lot of people – I know I have smelled it at one point but don’t remember it much so it must not have made a distinct impression on me.

Nomade is a modern chypre, so it starts out citrusy with a oaky woody finish. and that is exactly what it is, with a small hint of plum on top. It is definitely not sweet, focusing more on the tartness of the plum. It’s nice and wearable, and does smell just a tad more different than your usual Sephoa bottle (I did spray from Sephora, by the by)  The perfume is not a home run for me – the drydown is synthetic and generic – but this would make a good office scent, and I bet I will get compliments wearing it.

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