Love Below (Film Thoughts: The Boy Downstairs)

bdwJudy Garland once asked ‘How can I ignore the boy next door,’ but times have changed and in Sophie Brooks’ feature debut, Zosia Mamet pines for ‘The Boy Downstairs.’  For some strange reason, I have a dislike for Mamet’s character on ‘Girls’ (on the times I watched the show) and initially I carried that dislike here. But for some reason, she won me over here – or her character did, anyway. It took a couple of minutes or so, but I was eventually charmed over by this film, thanks to Brook’s contemplative screenplay. She didn’t break new grounds here, but she has an ear for familiar and engaging. Mamet’s Diana goes back to New York after living in London and discovers upon moving to her new place that her ex lives in the street-level apartment of the building. We then get to see how they broke up, and how they sort out their feelings for each other. Mamet and Matthew Shear (as Ben) have an easy chemistry and it feels authentic, so it was not difficult to feel emphatic about their feelings. I found myself getting in touch with some of what I have been feeling lately, too, and that’s always a good indication of how a movie touches me, even briefly. I am always on the lookout for a good romantic comedy/drama and this one is pretty good.

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