Sugar Baby (Movie Thoughts: Kept Boy)

Kept-Boy-movie-posterGeorge Bamber’s ‘Kept Boy’ is based on Robert Rodi’s novel of the same title, and I remember that novel as being very smart, funny, and of-the-moment. It was hilarious, even campy, as was most of his books.  I was expecting (and wanting) the movie to be the same. Sadly, all the humour seems to have been sucked out of the film. Dennis (Jon Paul Phillips) has been a ‘kept boy’ for years by Farleigh (Thire Refeinstein) but it looks like now he has a competitor on the horizon, as it looks like Farleigh is now smitten by the new pool boy (Greg Audino) but of course, there’s more than meets the eye. I vaguely remember in the book Dennis hilariously taking down the new boy in various comedic situations, and we  briefly get a glimpse of that here, but most of the drama here is drama. I don’t think the story works in ‘serious’ mode. The acting here is just meh – Phillips is fine enough – but some of the situations, the ending especially, seems hollow. To fact, I didn’t really buy most here, and it is quite disappointing because this could have gone way way better.

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