Mayo & Cheese (Music Thoughts: Making Love Set TO Music, Vicki Mayo)

517ePTMn4AL._SS500There’s something retro and innocent about the album cover of Vicki Mayo’s album ‘Making Love Set To Music’ that I was initially drawn to it without knowing anything about the singer. So I went to her website and found out she lives in Illinois and is trained in singing opera, and had lived in New York City for years (probably around the same time I lived there)

And the album is fine, if really unmemorable. There’s nothing glaringly wrong with her voice. It’s just that it’s colorless and bland, the kind of thing you hear at airport hotel cocktail lounges. Her song selection is okay, except that it kind of bothered me that she had wrong titles for some of the songs: 1.e. “I’ll Be Seeing You In All The Familiar Places,’ and ‘Slowboat (sic) to China.’  The arrangements border Velveeta, but that didn’t bother me as much as the wrong titles.

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