Sit And Wonder (Film Thoughts: Final Portrait)

final-portrait‘Final Portrait feels like a film where you just watch Armie Hammer (as James Lord) sitting down as Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti paints (or ties to paint) his portrait. But since it’s Armie Hammer, I am game. In real time, I can watch him sit still for hours and I wouldn’t mind it.

I do have to admit that at certain points in the film, I had to ask myself, where is this film going? And I had to tell myself, just enjoy the ride. And it could be a slow, laborious, ride, but it is very pleasant. Geoffrey Rush plays Giacometti like a manic, and I am just going to assume it is an accurate portrayal, since I know little about the artist, plus, this movie is based on Lord’s memoir about sitting for the portrait. Hammer doesn’t really do much here but react to Rush’s antics, and is able to convey his (and presumably the viewer’s) exasperation of the whole process. I like the slice of what it documents of Giacometti’s life, and I am now inclined to google some of his artistic work. This film is written and directed by the actor Stanley Tucci, and he has made an actor’s film. It’s a small film, but the characters are big – and human.

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