Sweaty Tobacco (Perfume Thoughts: Light My Fire, By Kilian)

375x500.25992I love tobacco-based scents, and for me the best of that bunch is Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille.  But I am always game for something new, somethign different, and going through my samples (still living off them right now) I have been wearing By Kilian’s Light My Fire the past two days.

Well, there’s tobacco alright, and it is the nice ‘clean’ kind. There is patchouli as well but it never takes center stage, only providing edge. On the first blast, there is also a dirty surprise, with cumin mixing in, giving it a slight animalistic flavour. I don’t know if I liked that or not, but it certainly kept me awake and interested. (I am thinking that is a good thing)  It all goes down to a nice spicy ending, and it’s not thoroughly unpleasant.  But, it is very strong and I want to say only appropriate for winter. On this cold Spring day, it felt unnecessarily ‘sweaty.’

Do I like it? Yes, but probably not full bottle worthy.

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