Get On Your Feet (Movie Thoughts: Finding Your Feet)

179-finding-your-feetA really good cast can sell anything. That is much evident in ‘Finding Your Feet,’ a film so formulaic even Stevie Wonder can see plot points a mile ahead. Even its pace, like molasses in winter, can be somehow overlooked because the actors, led by Imelda Staunton, sell all of it and you buy it. It’s not a hard sell either – these characters seem all real even while they are saying incredulous dialogue or making real impossible situations.

As I said, Imelda Staunton is Queen. A little glint in her eye can express utmost happiness. As Sandra, an upper-crust wife who discovers her husband is having an affair with her best friend, it never seems like she is asking you to feel sorry for her – her sadness has such dignity. Sandra goes on and starts living with her sister Biff (Celia Imrie) and they rekindle their sibling relationship. Imrie is great as well as the more care-free sister. They both join the local senior-citizen dance group and even if there are a couple of dance sequences, director Richard Loncraine doesn’t seem to be much interested in them, filming them almost all in close up. and well, the choreography isn’t the best, either, anyway, although they do have homespun charm. And Joanna Lumley is wasted here, playing mostly the ‘best friend’ supporting role.

But all in all, it’s entertaining, and I enjoyed seeing West End in London, as well as Rome. I miss Europe.

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