Dark and Bleak (Movie Thoughts: Where Is Kyra?)

whereiskyraposter2What makes someone like a film? Does it make you feel good? Are you uplifted by it? Do you learn a lesson from it? Do you see yourself in the character? Does its story remind you of your life? Andrew Dosunmu’s ‘Where Is Kyra?’ is the ultimate Debbie Downer of a film – it chronicles its main character’s downward spiral, and it never lets her go. It’s poverty and suffering porn to the highest degree. I couldn’t bear to watch it – it is so dark and dreary I felt it was a place I wanted to get away from right away. The movie was very close to a traumatic experience for me. It made me sad, nervous, anxious. Not even Michelle Pfeiffer’s fantastic performance could save it from me. To be honest, just writing about the film right now is making my heart beat faster – in a bad way. I think I am going to stop now/

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