In Love And Grief (Film Thoughts: Love After Love)

p14787163_p_v7_aa‘Love After Love’ deals with grief, and that both appealed and horrified me. There aren’t really a lot of movies that present deal well – it’s such a complicated and personal thing – and really, very different with each person’s experience.

‘Love After Love’ gets some of it right – I like how it shows hoe people feel fragmented right after someone they love dies, and honestly, there was a part of me that still cringes watching scenes of people dying, and what happens right after it happens. I guess that would will always be fresh for me. I also like that the film shows how complex people are, and is unapologetic about showing flawed people doing flawed things.

But I couldn’t relate to anyone in the film. Andie MacDowell is truly fine as the wife and mother, and she does try hard to give the character depth, but the character itself is strangely written. It shows the complicated relationship with her son (Chris O Dowd) but for me his character was so horrid it’s unsalvageable. I felt hollow after the film ended, when I wanted to be filled by it.

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