Wishing Things (Movie Thoughts: All I Wish)

MV5BZGJmYWU4YTItNTZhZS00YjU2LWIwZDQtMTU4MjNkZDcyMWE5XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTM2Mzg4MA@@._V1_UY268_CR2,0,182,268_AL_All I wish is that ‘All I Wish’ was that movie I have been waiting for – a nice romantic love story about a middle-aged woman who finds love. God knows there is a market out there for it, plus, I can certainly relate and aspire for a situation like it. But, ‘All I Wish’ is not that movie, and it’s not even close.

Sharon Stone is Senna, a fashion designer who, at 46, has not had her break, both in career and love. Then she meets Adam (Tony Goldwyn) and they meet cute, but then Senna acts like a child, and well…you can more or less fill in the blanks in these sort of things. And Sharon Stone is terrific – loose and toothy and smiling and charming. And I am fascinated by her here – with her looks ranging from ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’ Madonna to ‘Music’ Madonna, with a little bit of Kim Catrall thrown in the mix (And yes, she would make a wonderful Samantha if and when)  She tries her damned best here. Unfortunately, she is saddled LSFYB_041717_18x24-JPEGwith a nothing script, which takes the character nowhere. The movie plays with the ‘gimmick’ of setting scenes yearly on Senna’s birthday. but it doesn’t really work because the story has nothing to say. And I even think that at some point the filmmakers knew that was a losing idea, because this film was originally titled ‘A Little Something For Your Birthday,’ and then they changed it. I feel kind of sad about this – I wanted this film to work, and I wanted Sharon Stone to have a comeback – but hopefully there will be something else down the line for her.

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