Nature Not For Me (Music Thoughts: Nature Boy, Antoine L Collins)

51LsdJPfkBL._SS500Most people who know me knows that I have this thing for the song ‘My Funny Valentine’  I love the song dearly but for me it would be easy for someone to screw up the song quickly. Lorenz hart has such a way with lyrics that and every word is chosen so perfectly that it’s a pet peeve of mine when singers do not pay attention. In MFV’s case, the lyric ‘don’t change a hair for me’ is often sung/interpreted as ‘don’t change your hair for me’ and that one word can mean a mountain of difference. When a singer screws it up, they are forever no good in my book.

Fortunately, Antoine L Collins sings it correctly here on ‘Nature Boy,’ his tribute album to the music of Nat King Cole. He sings this song as a duet with Rebecca Noelle, and to be honest, I don’t care much for the jazz fusion arrangement, but it’s fine I guess. I won’t complain. I say the same thing about most of the other tracks. . He is a little too flippant on his ‘Nature Boy’ interpretation, for example, and it’s not really my cup of tea. For the most part, his arrangements are not really my thing, but I can sense his love for the music, so I cannot be too harsh. They’re singing these songs, but they are not for me.

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